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We include our clients' full names (with their permission) to protect the validity of these testimonials.
Thanks for your help with the resume! I really like the format. I sent it to a couple of friends that I have in the HR world and they really thought it looked good too... so thanks for the great work!
-Sloane Costello, Mental Health Counselor/Therapist
"(The resume) worked wonderfully! I was hired about 2 weeks after I posted the resume and have been with this company for almost 3 years. Thank you so much. You're awesome! You did such a wonderful job on my last resume and I'm excited for the new one!
-Cody Flynn, Biological Field Technician
"The investment is definitely worth it! I am very pleased with the final edits and will be certain to extend future business to you from anyone that is seeking résumé support."
-Mary Margaret Clark, Product Manager & Account Manager
“I was offered the job immediately, upon receiving my updated résumé from you -- so, thank you. The second reason I am writing is to tell you that my cousin will be contacting you. Your services have come to him highly recommended (by my father and myself). Thank you for the updated résumé, and for helping me land my new position!”
-Lindsey Wielgos, CBS News
Executive Assistant to the VP of Talent Development
"Thank you for the final draft of my résumé. Working with you is the best decision I've made this year! Thanks also for making this process so easy and so enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to ask for a recommendation from me or a testimonial if you ever need it. I feel like a million bucks (if only I could earn that too!) after going through this process with you."
-Gabriel Wilson, Business Director
"I am really thrilled with the results and can't wait to start sending this out! I truly believe that this will be money well spent. I am excited about revving up my job search with this new résumé in hand. You were really able to capture the nuances of my work experience through our consultation and put those on paper in a coherent fashion. I couldn't have done this without your help, so thank you very much!"
-Kristin Levinson, Senior Project Management Director
"Thank you for sending the proof. I really like it! It's amazing you got all of that
in two pages. Nice and concise.  (My husband) pays very close attention to detail. He said he thinks you did an excellent job, and that it was well worth the cost. I think it's excellent, too. There must be a psychological component to see all I've done on paper, worded so well, written by someone else... because it just feels good mentally and emotionally to have a professional résumé! Thank you so much. I am very, very happy with the final draft."
-Kathleen Sepdeda, Life Coach & Facilitator
"The proof looks great! It is exactly what I'm looking for - thank God there are people like you! I really do feel a lot more confident about passing out my résumé. It was really worth the money spent. Thanks again for making me look great on paper! "
-Kristin Wool, Project Manager
“Thank you. You did a great job for us. I reviewed many résumés over my years with Arthur Andersen but your style and ideas were some of the best I have seen.”
-Todd Christensen, Financial Services Executive
“I just had a chance to look over what you sent. I have to say that I am blown away and LOVE it! Thank you so much. If there is anything I can do to write you a letter of recommendation please let me know.”
-Jamie Jacobs, Business Development Manager
“I'm thrilled to report that I was offered a college teaching job in Chicago and am planning to accept the offer. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did preparing my CV. Undoubtedly, it played a crucial role in my obtaining the job of my dreams.”
-Anna B., Ph.D. in Education - Instruction & Curriculum - Specialization in Mathematics Education
"Everything looks great! I really like how it turned out - very professional
looking and I think it really targets what I am looking for. I think it is perfect!
Thanks so much! You did a wonderful job!"
-Cody Flynn, Laboratory Technician
“Thank you for my résumé and for the cover letter ideas. I will refer you to anyone who needs your services.”
-Michael Tipton, Sales and Marketing Director
“Thanks for the résumé. Things happened faster than I would have expected. I just took a job as director of account relations for a dental arts company. Double the salary and I now have nights and weekends off, sweet! You did so well with my résumé that I am referring my girlfriend to you. Thanks for the help.”
-Greg Jones, Director of Account Relations
“Thank you. It occurred to me as I read through your effort that an implication exists allowing you to say things, and word them in such a way, that people would not normally do for themselves, yet it is entirely appropriate. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I will certainly recommend your services at the first opportunity! Thanks.”
-Greg Sage, School Administrator/Program Director
“...opened a CMMS job and I have been offered it! We are in heavy negotiations at this time.Your help creating a powerful résumé has moved us along very far in the talks. I wanted to update you a little and let you know how much your work is appreciated! This would have never been a possibility without your caring help!”
-Wim, Computer Consultant
“Thank you for your wonderful work! You did a fantastic job of making sense of my eclectic experience, and I'm excited now that I can finally use my résumé as a powerful marketing tool. I appreciate the guidance and can't wait to 'wow' potential employers.”
-Kim Eschborn, Training & Development
“You're great! Thanks so much for both versions. I sure do appreciate your opinion about the two résumé versions. How in the world do I ever thank you for your professional opinions and your generosity? If ever I know of someone who needs your expertise, I'll certainly let them know. Thanks again for all your help and your professional insight!”
-Victoria Pellerito, Library Technician
“I really like what you've done with the résumé, thank you. I'm very happy with it. A friend of mine may also call to have her résumé done, she really liked what you had done with mine. Thanks again for your great work.”
-Amber Kraft, AutoCAD Drafter
“I'm very pleased. You have done a great job and I am excited about possibilities that I can now access. I will also appreciate using the cover letter template that you prepared.”
-April Addison, Administration & Office Management
“Thank you so much for doing such a good job on my résumé. I am really impressed! It looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for doing the references as well.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did again on my cover letter.”
-Jennifer Scott, Respiratory Therapist
“It looks great, thank you for doing such a good job and for being able to put together such a thorough piece from what seemed to me to be a lot of nothing.”
-Katie Ruyter, Restaurant General Manager

“First of all, I just want to say I can’t believe what a great job of pulling all of that together into one lump sum like you did. Just incredible. Incredible. I’m just really thrilled with it (résumé). Thank you so much.”
-Pam Dix, Sales & Purchasing Manager
“Thanks for the proof, it looks great! You made excellent sense of my work history - not easy. Thanks again.”
-Steff Poyner, Media/Public Relations & Marketing
“This looks great! Thank you so much for all the hard work. I appreciate it.”
-Ginna Larson, Senior Account Manager
“Thank you so much! I look great on paper, and not too old to hire. Thank you for being so prompt. Thank you so much again.”
- Emma Gentry, Elementary Learning Specialist
“I just read through the final draft; looks very good. Thanks for all of your help.”
-Bill Hake, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
“Thank you for your valuable contributions. I am honored to have had the opportunity to publish your work and look forward to doing so again in the future. Thank you."
-Wendy S. Enelow, Founder of Career Masters Institute
“I can’t thank you enough for sharing your résumé and cover letter samples as well as your expertise! Your contributions add a level of quality to the book that wouldn’t exist otherwise! Again, thank you for your fine work. I couldn’t have done it without you!!!”
-Maurene J. Hinds, Author, The Ferguson Guide to Résumés and Job-Hunting Skills
“Wow! I really like what you’ve done with the cover letter. The heading is very nice. The points you made in the cover letter are excellent. I really appreciate your input on that. I feel real strength in the concept I’m going with in the cover letter. And I like the way you touched up the bullets. It looks very good. I love your ideas! I’m very, very pleased.
(The résumé is) absolutely perfect! Beautiful layout. I love it! Thanks. I’m so pleased with the work. (On the references), I loved your time zone suggestions and method of contact “where appropriate” because two of my contacts definitely prefer the telephone. Perfect touches again! I feel very strongly about the excellent work you have done! Your ideas are wonderful. Your writing ability is a gift! Thank you.”
-Wim, Computer Consultant
“(My writer) was cheerful, upbeat, efficient, and prompt. Her work is very effective. I got positive responses from my new résumé within days.”
-Emmy Lou Forster, Teacher and Writer
“Fast, efficient service, friendly, professional advising, always willing to take on a new job right away. All your hard work not only got me the
job, but got me one I like. You rock! Thanks!”
-Stephanie Schmidt, Teacher
“I read through the résumé late last night, I am very happy with it. The text, I feel, shows my energy and drive which is exactly what I needed. Thank you.”
-Jo Ferranto, Sales Executive/Account Manager
“(I like) the quality of work and professionalism. Everything was great!!!”
-Bob Schwetje, Human Resources Executive
“The résumé is great!!! Thank you. I am very pleased with the final product and I really appreciate your help and speed in making my deadline.”
-Anita Hogan, Graphic & Technical Illustrator
“The résumé that (you) prepared for me opened lots of doors. It was an overall pleasant experience.”
-Cynthia Sunseri, Business Office Administrator
“Everything looks great. I appreciate your help and it looks much better than my mess! Thanks again.”
-Mike Miller, Financial Aid Advisor, Olympic Trials Qualifier
“This looks great. I am impressed. Thank you.”
-Debra Tidd, Registered Nurse and Health Care Educator
“It looks great. I really like how you organized my life onto one page! That takes talent. Thanks.”
-Rachel Rasbach, Teacher
“The résumé looks absolutely great. I think you did a wonderful job. Thank you for all the help.”
-Dan Siedman, Communication Student
“(I like) your friendly, smiling face/attitude. Great job on résumé and letter writing.”
-Nancy B. Gailen, Registered Nurse
“(I like) the personalized, in-depth consultation which makes for an individualized résumé.”
-MaryLee Herrmann, Production Assistant
Thanks for the killer résumé. It helped get me a job at a Five Star, Five Diamond hotel.”
-Calvin Kenney, Hospitality
“(A+) can handle a challenge and is easy to work with.”
-Robin Ray, Esthetician
“I must say that you have made me sound great. I think I'd hire me!! Thanks for the explanation re: age and religious potential discrimination - sadly, it makes sense. Résumé looks great! Thanks.”
-Rebecca W., Healthcare Director
“The résumé looks really nice. You do great work. Thanks so much.”
-Stefanie B., Wine Specialist